Can you trust your Bible?

New Testament Reliability

James White teaches about 'how we got the bible.' The bible's history, text, transmission and canon is a closed subject for many christians. But the christian faith is under attack today like never before and the first line of defense is the bible itself.


We need to be able to explain to the world as well as other believers that the bible that we possess today is God's inspired word to mankind.

'Painfully Obviously'?

Venerating Saints and Images?

Painfully Obviously

James White examines Pat Madrid's claims that praying to saints and images isn't worship.

Sola Scriptura?

A Guy with a Bible in the Woods?

James White

Is the bible the sole infallible rule of faith? Or is it just an excuse to avoid Roman authority?

The Predestination Debate

Predestined From Eternity?

The Predestination Debate

What does the bible mean when it refers to predestination?

Featured Books on Reformed Theology

The Five Points of CalvinismWhat is TULIP?

Discover the reasons behind each of the five points known as the 'Doctrines of Grace' from the pages of scripture and history.

Debating CalvinismIs God Free to Love?
Do You Have any Choice?

James White and Dave Hunt debate the Five Points.

The Potter's Freedom
Chosen But Free?

James White 'gives an answer' to Norman Geisler in defense of the reformed faith and God's sovereign hand in salvation.

Drawn by The Father
John 6:35-45

James White brings this passage to life for his reader and shows the value of letting scripture speak for itself.

The Sovereign Grace of God

Was Anyone Saved at the Cross?

Can a dead man choose God?

What does the bible say about how God saves his people?

What About Free Will?

John Samson answers 12 of the most common objections to God's Sovereignty in Election.

What is the Gospel?

Bill Webster shows what the Reformers believed about the gospel and salvation and why they believed it.

Does Authentic Love Require Free Will?

Thaddeus Williams examines the problem with evil, God's sovereignty and libertarian free will.

What About Free Will?

Joe Bianchi