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  1. Bundled Small

    The Calvinism Debate with Michael Brown

    From: $6.75

    To: $36.75

    A 4-day radio debate with Michael Brown on the issue of Calvinism. Learn More
  2. Predestination Small

    The Predestination Debate

    From: $15.00

    To: $65.00

    James White and Michael Brown debate the central issue of God's Sovereignty and Election at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. (2 hours 25 minutes) Learn More
  3. Bundled Small

    Debate: Who Controls Salvation? (White vs Bryson)

    From: $4.50

    To: $42.00

    Libertarian Free Will vs God's Sovereign Election Learn More
  4. Bundled Small

    The "Read My Book" Debate on BAM



    Choose the debate and/or the Dividing Line that contains Dr. White's follow up analysis. Learn More

  5. Bundled Small

    Radio Debate: The Irresistible Grace of God (White vs Hunt)

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    Dave Hunt is a zealous critic of Calvinism. Does he really know what he is talking about? Learn More
  6. Bundled Small

    The Potters Freedom

    From: $13.50

    To: $51.00

    James White responds to Norman Geisler's book 'Chosen but Free." Learn More
  7. Bundled Small

    Debate: Predestination and Election (White vs Barber)

    From: $3.75

    To: $18.75

    What does the bible mean with it uses the term 'predestined?' Learn More
  8. Bundled Small

    Debate: Is Calvinism Biblical? (White vs Barker)

    From: $3.75

    To: $18.75

    A lively and informative 'Calvinism vs Modern Day Pop Arminianism Theology' Debate. Learn More
  9. Bundled Small

    Playin' Around With Providence


    These two sermons were delivered at the Trinity Reformed Baptist in La Mirada, CA on October 23, 2009. Learn More

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