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    The Doctrine of Predestination

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    What does the bible mean when it refers to predestination? Learn More
  2. Bundled Small

    The Eternal Security of the Believer

    From: $1.50

    To: $9.00

    The Eternal Security of the Believer Learn More
  3. Bundled Small

    The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity

    From: $1.95

    To: $9.45

    What is the Trinity and why do we believe it. Learn More
  4. Bundled Small

    Debate: Is the Bible True? (White vs Crossan)

    From: $5.25

    To: $57.75

    James White debates John Dominic Crossanm (co-founder of The Jesus Seminar), on the vital subject of how we are to understand and believe the bible. Learn More
  5. Bundled Small

    Historic Fundamentalism

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    James White discusses the topic of fundamentalism. Learn More
  6. Bundled Small

    How We Got The Bible

    From: $4.13

    To: $19.13

    In this lecture, James White goes over the origins of the Bible. Learn More
  7. Bundled Small

    Bible Study on Galatians 1:6-10

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    The biblical basis for Christian apologetics. Learn More
  8. Bundled Small

    The Atonement of Christ

    From: $3.38

    To: $18.38

    What does it mean for Christ to be my substitute? Learn More
  9. Bundled Small

    The Attributes of God

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    A study on who God is and how he has revealed himself. Learn More
  10. Bundled Small

    New Testament Textual Criticism

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    A fascinating study of how God has preserved His word through the years. Learn More
  11. Bundled Small

    The Supreme Court and Creation Science in the Schools

    From: $1.50

    To: $9.00

    Has the Supreme Court made secular humanism the religion of the land? Learn More
  12. Bundled Small

    Theology and Apologetics Seminar

    From: $6.75

    To: $36.75

    Why apologetics is necessary for sharing the faith. Learn More
  13. Bundled Small

    Was the Crucifixion Wednesday or Friday?

    From: $2.25

    To: $9.75

    How do we count the days between the crucifixion and the resurrection? Learn More
  14. Bundled Small

    The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation

    From: $4.88

    To: $19.88

    What the bible teaches about salvation. What it is and why we believe it. Learn More
  15. Bundled Small

    Son of God - Lord of Glory

    From: $3.00

    To: $18.00

    Why Christians believe in the Deity of Christ. Learn More
  16. Bundled Small

    The Authority of Scripture Conference

    From: $8.63

    To: $38.63

    Where does the bible reside in christian life? Is it our authority? Is it God speaking? Or is it just a book filled with sayings and parables that we feel good about every now and then? This conference preceded the the debate with John Dominic Crossan who repeatedly referred to the bible as a book filled with parables. Learn More

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