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Christianity and Gay Marriage?

It is the social controversy of our time. Are those who oppose gay marriage doomed to land on the wrong side of history? Do christians need to adapt to a changing culture that is eliminating the last bigotry of our age? James White and Dee Bradshaw debate what the bible teaches about gay marriage.

  • Is homosexuality a non issue in the New Testament?
  • What about all of those other laws that christians don't observe?
  • Should the church today be open to homosexuality?
  • Did Jesus even speak on the issue?

Are Christians Intollerant?

The Same Sex Controversy

Did Jesus do away with the law? Are churches that refuse to accept homosexuals just a bunch of bigots?

Homosexuality & Christianity?

Is Homosexuality Compatable with Christianity?

Is Homosexuality Compatable with Authentic Christianity?

James White debates John Shelby Spong on whether homosexuality is forbidden in the bible. Spong's liberalism is front and center in this debate.

The Authority of Scripture

Does the bible speak to this generation or is it just an old dusty book filled with outdated ideas? This conference is intended to show the christian where God's word stands in the midst of an adulterous generation and calls upon them to take a stand.

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