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    The Supreme Court and Creation Science in the Schools

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    Has the Supreme Court made secular humanism the religion of the land? Learn More
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    Is Homosexuality Compatible with Christianity? (White vs Lynn)

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    Can someone be gay and be a christian? James White debates Barry Lynn. Not only is Lynn the Executive Director of American's United for the Separation of Church and State he is also an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Learn More
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    Radio Debate: Is the Bible for Real? (Dietz & Funk)

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    Atheism and Liberalism vs the bible. Learn More
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    Debate: Is the Bible True? (White vs Crossan)

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    James White debates John Dominic Crossanm (co-founder of The Jesus Seminar), on the vital subject of how we are to understand and believe the bible. Learn More
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    The Authority of Scripture Conference

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    Where does the bible reside in christian life? Is it our authority? Is it God speaking? Or is it just a book filled with sayings and parables that we feel good about every now and then? This conference preceded the the debate with John Dominic Crossan who repeatedly referred to the bible as a book filled with parables. Learn More
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    Debate: Is Homosexuality Compatible with Christianity? (White vs Spong)

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    Is it unloving and judgmental to believe that God has spoken on homosexuality? Learn More
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    Debate: Gay Marriage? (White vs Bradshaw)


    James White debates Dee Bradshaw the Pastor of Sacred Light of Christ Church. Learn More

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